“Caffeine came without instructions…this is the missing manual.” Established author Kate Heyhoe has undertaken a colorful, informative new book of infographics and information about how human beings experience caffeine. A veteran of the traditional publishing process, Heyhoe has decided to crowdfund her newest work via Kickstarter, and we think it sounds like a pretty neat book for all kinds of people to enjoy, including coffee enthusiasts.

The book is called Caffeine and You, and there’s a whole big official website to look out and learn more. Check out these cool infographics – we LOVE a good infographic:


The website also has a whole subsection of “TWACTS”, or Tweetable Facts, with all manner of weird little factoids about caffeine and the modern world. To whit, did you know that Sunkist Orange Soda has more caffeine than Pepsi? Or that caffeine has been shown to prevent some skin cancer? We didn’t know either of those things, but now we do.

Ooh look another infographic ehrmagerd:


Check out the book’s official website here, and if you’re keen, consider Kickstarting it.