Ah, Kickstarter. As the crowd-funding website increasingly becomes a playground for the already rich and famous to hawk their otherwise unfundable cult film projects, we turn to the humble coffee portion of the website for a dose of good old fashioned American ingenuity (and reasonable financial requests). We can’t all be Zach Braff or Veronica Mars, because both of those characters are fictional.

We’ve got not one but two fabulous new crowd-funded projects to share with you today, both of which are tangentially related to coffee (or hot beverages, at the very least). First up meet the “Smart Mug”, a charming little couple’s project from boyfriend Ryan Pfleger and girlfirend Amanda Bailard. Inspired by a “smart materials” TED Talk, these two have set out to create the world’s cutest color changing mugs. Check out their video:

These two are around $1500 short of reaching their Kickstarter goal, with just 6 days left to go. Look at how sweet that little owl is!

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And the “Fully Charged” plug-in mug is pretty cool too. I bet your parents would love these for their upcoming Days, both Mother’s and Father’s. Click here to learn more and consider funding!

Up next is this thing called a Sleeve-O, which which is like…you attach your cardboard to-go cup insulator to it…and it flies? Let’s just let them explain:

“Sleeve-O is a plastic ring that acts as a nose cone once you slip it onto the end of a cardboard coffee cup insulating sleeve, transforming it into a cylindrical flying marvel!” The team behind Sleeve-O haven’t launched their Kickstarter yet, so for now you can learn more by liking their Facebook (they will be really stoked) and following them on Twitter @SleeveOlogy. We’ll update this post when the Sleeve-O Kickstarter goes live.

Got a killer Kickstarter you feel needs our attention? Send an email to Kickstarter@Sprudge.com and we’ll check it out.


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