Consider, if you will, the Long Season Goods Sipper. It’s 100% leather, it’s reusable, it’s made in the USA, and it is so totally butch. But lo! there breaks a yet more glorious day, the project’s Kickstarter in bright array. Fund this thing before it goes kaput next week, for there are promises to keep, and miles to go before our crowdsourced sleep. Learn more from Sipper:

Hi, I’m Kevin, head maker at Long Season Goods. LSG is my creative outlet for making objects outside of my normal work as a web designer. Over the years I’ve produced various types of things, mostly for friends and to scratch creative impulses. I started working with leather this year after seeing a friend make some custom shoes. Several leather failures later and the “Sipper” was born. This Kickstarter Campaign is to help fund the first production of the “Sipper”, to be completely made in Los Angeles California.

$25 if you pre-order now from Kickstarter. Do it before December 29th!

So butch!
So butch!

Oh, daddy.