Joe Live And Direct In Philly Town, Rap And Hype A...

Joe Live And Direct In Philly Town, Rap And Hype And They Can Brew Down


Joe Coffee has officially opened its doors in Philadelphia with a brand new cafe in Rittenhouse Square, at 1845 Walnut Street. This new cafe is serving coffee roasted exclusively in-house by the venerable New York chain, a first for any of their now 9 locations. Sprudgie Award winner Liz Clayton has a first hand account via Serious Eats:

A coffee chain opening their first cafe outside of their hometown isn’t always a game-changer. But looking at the likes of Intelligentsia and Stumptown: sometimes it is. Enter New York’s City’s Joe, then—who last week opened their first-ever out-of-state cafe in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of Philadelphia. Their entry into this growing coffee-literate city—until recently rather dominated by local roaster La Colombe, with a little Counter Culture and Stumptown thrown in the mix—isn’t shocking at first. But throw into the mix that it’s part of Joe’s gradual transition to roasting their own coffees exclusively and the Northeast will soon have another major roasting force on its hands.

As can be expected, Liz Clayton’s feature is awesome – go read the whole thing here. Congrats to Joe! This is the first of two cafes they’re slated to open in Philly. Learn more here via their listing at the official Joe NYC website.




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