JFK A-OK, We’re Not JK: Strand Does World Be...

JFK A-OK, We’re Not JK: Strand Does World Bean at Kennedy Airport

First LaGuardia, now JFK. We’ve written in the past about the World Bean program at LaGuardia Airport Delta Terminal, and we’ll there to see things for ourselves in 2 weeks, but in the meantime check out Oliver Strand’s coverage of World Bean’s newest JFK Airport outpost:

In September, Terminal D at La Guardia Airport inaugurated two outposts of World Bean coffee bars — each outfitted with a Slayer — where you can get a shot of Zone 10, a single-origin espresso from Barismo, a small-batch roaster outside of Boston with serious coffee-nerd cred.

At Kennedy, the World Bean counters are incorporated into two food stands — Croque Madame in Terminal 2 and Bar Brace in Terminal 3 — and the coffees themselves are different from those at La Guardia. You can get a cappuccino made with Colombian el Jordan or a cup of Indonesian Sulawesi Toarco — both from Stumptown Coffee Roasters — brewed to order.

Insider info suggests ex-Seattleite, current New Yorker and holistic World Citizen Sam Lewontin is behind the happenings at JFK.  Sam wrote exquisitely a few months back on the gap between specialty coffee in Seattle and Portland, a discussion which garnered a great deal of worth-your-while commentary on the Slayer blog, and we’re excited to see him involved and thriving in the ongoing development of World Bean.

Read the full Oliver Strand write-up at New York Times In Transit.


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