Sprudge contributor Harald Johnsen Vรธyle recently attended the Japan Aeropress Championship at Fuglen Tokyo. Here’s his breakdown of the top three performing recipes – for a full cultural account of this event, check out this supplemental feature.

JAC photography comes to us courtesy of Mariko Kurose. Editorial and translation for this feature was greatly aided by the contributions of Yuuki Kakihara. Domo!

Here they are, friends: the winning recipes for Japan Aeropress Championship 2013:


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1st place – Shinya Okabe

18 grams of coffee prepared with a medium coarse grind. You’ll be using 240ml of water and a paper filter.

Start with a 20 second bloom, using 30ml of water at a temperature of 90C.
First pour 100ml, slowly…
Then add 240ml over the course of 20 seconds.
Stir for 10 seconds.
Attach the plunger, wait for 15 seconds.
Then press down the plunger for for 10 seconds.


2nd place – Yuta Ueda

15 grams of coffee prepared in an “espresso grind”, which means, you know, fairly fine. You’ll be using 160ml of coffee total and a metal Aeropress filter.

Start with 70ml of water at a temperature of 90.5C. Stir at 15 seconds.
Set filter, then flip in an “inverted” manner.
Wait 10 seconds.
Press after 20 seconds.
Then dilute using the remaining 90ml of water.


3rd place – Ryota Viva Nakagawa
18 grams of coffee, 200ml of water, and a self-made flannel fabric cut & shaped to fit the Aeropress. You’d do well to boil this filter once, and soak it before use.

Arrange your Aeropress thusly: Filter holder, flannel filter, metal filter, coffee.

Bloom coffee for 10 seconds with 30 ml of water.
Then add the remaining 170 ml of water, and stir.
Wait 10 seconds, then press!

Want more winning Aeropress recipes? Check out this video breakdown of US Aeropress Champ Andy Sprenger’s winning method at the 2013 US Aeropress Championship. Still need to geek out more? This 2010 feature on World Aeropress champ Marie Hagemeister’s winning recipe is one of the most popular posts in the history of Sprudge.

Harald Johnsen Vรธyle is the “pilot” and art director at Kaffikaze, a coffee branding and design studio based in Oslo. This is his first feature for

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