There’s a new grinder about to hit the market and it’s got the stamp of approval from one Tim Wendelboe, or at least we assume it does seeing how he helped design it. Working with the eponymous coffee roaster, Wilfa has just announced the Uniform, a sleek new grinder designed with the home user in mind.

This isn’t the first time Wilfa and Wendelboe (“Wilfaboe” I’ll call them, because it sounds like “whiffle ball”) have teamed up; the Norwegian homewares company also released the Precision, an automatic coffee maker designed by the World Barista Champion. When conceiving the idea for the new grinder, Wendelboe’s stated goals were pretty simple: “All I wanted was big adjustable flat burrs, and an on/off button.” And what Wendelboe wants, Wendelboe gets; the 58mm stainless steel flat burrs are some of the largest on the home user market, and the on/off button has both an on and an off setting.

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But the Uniform Grinder has much more to offer than these rudimentary features. The top off the matte black cylinder also doubles as a precision scale—measuring to the .1g level—with Bluetooth capabilities to interact with a downloadable smartphone app. The 40-step grinder runs at an intentionally slower speed so as to not heat the grounds. And not to keep harping on this on/off button, but the Uniform does have an automatic shut-off feature that uses a sensor to detect when there are no more beans left in the hopper to grind. Add in an anti-static stainless steel container for the ground coffee to keep your counters clean and you’ve got yourself some much-needed improvement to many grinders currently on the home market.

Currently, the Uniform Grinder is only available via the Tim Wendelboe website and only in a 220 volt model. Sorry Americans. The official launch will take place at Wendelboe’s Oslo cafe on December 20th, where an additional 160 units will be available for purchase. The Uniform Grinder retails for 3,499 Krone, roughly $408 USD, which again, doesn’t matter because it won’t work in the States. For more information on the Uniform Grinder or to snag one of the 60 unites available or sale, visit Tim Wendelboe’s official website.

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