Hey there Sprudge reader! Thanks for clicking this link, and thank you, as always, for reading our website. A good 95% of what we report about on Sprudge takes place far outside our own organizational sphere, but from time to time we’ll keep you posted about what we’re up to as a media network, and today is one of those days. If internal talk of #SprudgeLife is not your jam, we understand fully—you might instead prefer this emotional treatise on the state of the Americano, or an interview with Jerry Seinfeld, or a coffee guide to Kyoto—but if you’re still with us, thank you, let’s get down to it.

Sprudge Media Network is excited to announce our 2018-2019 editorial advisory board. It is a broad, wide-reaching, and highly informed group of individuals that come from all steps of the coffee chain, from producers to entrepreneurs to working baristas, roasters and educators, encompassing a diverse spectrum of experiences and viewpoints across the industry. It leans young; there aren’t a lot of suits. It’s a group that has graciously agreed to help better inform our small independent media company over the next year, and we are really over the moon about it (if you’re wondering).

So let’s meet them! This is your 2018-2019 Sprudge Media Network editorial advisory board.

David Buehrer (Greenway Coffee, Houston)

Jenn Chen (Acaia Coffee + independent consultancy, San Francisco)

Marta Dalton (Coffee Bird, Guatemala+London)

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Liz S. Dean (The Wing, New York City)

Gilbert Gatali (Independent, Rwanda)

Michelle Johnson (Chocolate Barista + Barista Hustle, Melbourne)

Tony Konecny (Yes Plz, Los Angeles)

Tymika Lawrence (Genuine Origin, New York City)

Joe Marrocco (Cafe Imports, Minneapolis)

Diana Mnatsakanyan-Sapp (Undercurrent Coffee, Charlotte, NC)

Hugo Neuproler (Independent, Vancouver BC)

Becky Reeves (Oatly, Austin TX)

Trish Rothgeb (CQI + Wrecking Ball Coffee, San Francisco)

Akaash Saini (Equator Coffees, San Francisco Bay Area)

Bronwen Serna (The New Black, Singapore)

In the coming weeks you’ll get a chance to learn more about our board as we update and feature each of them on our “About” page—look for more soon, watch this space. We’re working every day to make Sprudge the best coffee website it can be, and today’s announcement is a public part of that process. We hope it makes our website better and we thank you for your time and readership.

-Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman

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