Well friends, it’s November 1st, which means it’s almost Christmas. Christmas music in the grocery stores, holiday lights on your neighbor’s house, and of course, the specialty coffee world’s annual roll out of holiday-themed coffee buying kits, gift boxes, and stocking stuffers for the coffee nerd in your life. We’ll be featuring and documenting this year’s bumper crop from now til December 25th, and to kick things off right, we’ve got a doozy.

Our friends and partners at Intelligentsia Coffee are rolling out their seasonal offerings today with their signature Celebration Blend, along with three specialized and highly curated gift boxes – designed to appeal to all types of coffee lovers. The limited edition products are now available on their online web store and will be available at stores in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City.

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What’s in a bag?

The annual Celebration Blend gives coffee drinkers a lot to celebrate – with a blend of some of truly delightful coffees. Kenya Kangocho, Flecha Roja from Costa Rica, and Ethiopia Kurimi comprise the blend, and it all comes to you packaged in a glorious new bag, redesigned from the ground up utilizing a specialized bottom-technology that keeps the bag upright with its sturdy undercarriage. The team at Intelligentsia also invested in resealable zipper functionality that will keep your coffee fresher longer. After months of planning, Matt Riddle and the design team have packaged it all up in a beautiful white bag. “All of our seasonal blends will be sold in the new white bags,” Intelligentsia’s Communication Director Stephen Morrissey told Sprudge..

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What’s in a box?

This year, Intelligentsia rolls out three distinct gift boxes.

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The box for the coffee lover that can’t have enough vessels. This year, you can have a set of four distinct Intelligentsia mugs, including the sought-after New York City mug – only available via this gift box or at the New York City location.


The box for the coffee lover on the go. With a travel tumbler and V60 set-up, this is the perfect gift for the jet-setter who needs a little buzzy boost.


The box for the coffee lover that likes something sweet on the side. Featuring a decadent bar of Askinosie Chocolate, some of the finest chocolate available in the world.


Supplies are limited, so get your hands on these fantastic gifts and glorious products today – with free shipping – starting today! And look for much more holiday gift box coverage on Sprudge in the coming weeks, as we settle in to what should be a jolly, festive, inevitably fattening 2013 holiday season. Good yule!

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