I Want To Live Like Coffee Common People, I Want T...

I Want To Live Like Coffee Common People, I Want To Do Whatever Coffee Common People Do

In the last week or so, an ambitious new Empire State Building of blogatorial importance and heft has risen high over the skyline of Specialty Coffee. It is called, it’s the most important new website in coffee, and you should go and have a look at it right now if you are in the small percentage of Sprudge readers who have not done so already.

Coffee Common is very important because it’s what this industry has always needed; the very best niche boutiques, roasters and brands banding together with a unified voice. There will always be differences in opinion, and there were will always be company pride – every single person and company involved in Coffee Common has much to be proud of – so it will be an evolving delight to watch Coffee Common grow in prominence and importance over the coming months, long after TED has run its course.

Over the past few days, all of the Important People in specialty have been blogging, tweeting, and podcasting about Coffee Common. It’s very important, obviously, in fact, it is so important that we should have been writing about it like a week ago. But the real fun is yet to come; we can’t wait to see where this new establishment voice for specialty coffee cooperation takes our culture in the coming months. Specialty Coffee is ready for its close-up, for its mainstream debutante waltz, and Coffee Common is an exciting new voice to help lead that lindy hop.

I, for one, welcome our new Coffee Common overlords. Take it away, Jarvis Cocker:


  1. DamnCommies

    23 February

    Hey boys and girls! Do you like coffee shops with a culture and an identity? Do you love all those kitschy privately owned coffee shops?


    If this Common Coffee actually becomes something, you can kiss all that goodbye!

    Welcome to the beginning of business COMMunism. This has got to be the most evil idea I’ve ever heard. Anybody who praises this needs to wake up and smell the bullshit.

    Who’s the idealistic asshole who thought this up? Hmmmmm. Alex Bogusky perhaps?

    • Kyle Glanville

      23 February

      best comment ever.

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