There’s a lot of talk about watermelon and coffee these days, and for a good reasonโ€”these two great tastes, somehow, taste great together. You can make a genuinely elevated coffee watermelon experience using Sprudge Managing Editor’s Zac Cadwalader’s recipe. You can also do what I do and take a stubby of cold brew and jam it in a watermelon.

Alcohol-infused watermelons are nothing new and have been around for decadesโ€”but I don’t drink alcohol, so why should vodka have all the fun? You can create a caffeinated picnic snack with a gentle whisper of coffee flavor by taking the same approach to vodka-infused watermelons and subbing out the vodka for cold brew. It’s weird, sure, but if you’re open-minded and like fun this might be the recipe for you.

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How to make cold brew-infused watermelon.

What you need:

  • a medium-sized watermelon
  • a bottle of cold brew (we use Stumptown Coffee’s 310.5ml stubby bottle)
  • a skewer (or similar)
  • a sharp knife
  1. Take the watermelon and find where it can stand without falling over.
  2. Take off the cap of the cold brew and use it as a stencil – cut a small hole (make sure it’s not bigger than the bottleneck). Pop the rind off. You should see the watermelon’s red flesh.
  3. Poke several long channels with a skewer. This is where the cold brew will go. The more channels, the more access, but the mooshier the final product will be. We made about a dozen long channels.
  4. Put the bottle of cold brew in the hole so that it is upside down and let it drain into the fruit (see photo).
  5. Once the cold brew drains, plug the hole up (we used the bottle cap again) and put in your fridge for 12-24 hours. The cold brew needs to marinate and soak into the watermelon.
  6. Pop it out, cut it into slices or chunks, and enjoy!


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Not all watermelons are the same, and some might take more cold brew than othersโ€”we think a medium-sized melon is excellent, but try different sizes!

This infusion approach can work with a cold brew, iced coffee, cascara, or whatever! Experiment! Have fun! Life is short.