Coffee and love letters, sent to your door–in a tube?!

Our friends and partners at Populace Coffee, based out of Bay City, Michigan, are rolling out a new subscription service today that highlights guest roasters and offers a bounty of ephemera packed neatly in a tube. The service, dubbed Habits, begins today and features its first guest coffee from Chicago’s Passion House Coffee Roasters. In following months, Tandem Coffee Roasters out of Portland, Maine and Arkansas’ Onyx Coffee Lab will be showcased.


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Populace Coffee, founded in 2010, provides their subscribers with something special by introducing them to other coffees from different roasters around the country alongside their own roasted offerings. More on the program via Populace founder Andrew Heppner:

One major goal with this project is to incorporate a “Guest Roaster” program where 1 of the 4 tins will be supplied by a different roaster each month. Since our offerings don’t change constantly we feel it’s needed to bring in even more of a variety to the package. We are still working on finding our first partner but it may have to wait for Month 2 so we can at least prove the model and not waste any roasters’ time.

Habits will be its own brand but still be under the Populace Coffee umbrella. We want to play on the word “Habits” and discover other guilty pleasures that could easily be implemented into the tube.


The service is offered in different time frames and installments, with monthly ($17), 3-month ($48), and 6-month ($94) payment options. The package contains four different coffees packed into 50g tins, or enough for about two cups of coffee apiece. According to Populace literature, the tubes will also have “coffee information, brewing guides, and love letters“.

During the ramp-up of Habits, the folks of Populace put together a series of videos of bad habits with the tagline “Choose a better Habit!”

People have two weeks to sign up for the subscription service, at which time the tubes will be mailed off via standard post until their pneumatic tube transport system is implemented.

Find Populace Coffee and Habits on Twitter @habitscoffee and @populacecoffee, Facebook, and Instagram.

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