Gwilymited Travel Options: Oh, The Hoffmannity!

Gwilymited Travel Options: Oh, The Hoffmannity!

World Barista Champions James Hoffmann, Tim Wendelboe and Gwilym Davies are all trapped in the USA due to the freak volcanic ash cloud hovering over European airspace.

James Hoffmann has been reportedly spotted in San Francisco. Square Mile Roasters has continued operations despite Hoffmann’s predicament, and James recently blogged about his crisis on

Things are strange, as I am typing this on a flight to San Francisco. The volcano stranded me in the US and the lack of spaces on flights back to the UK means I am in the US for a week longer than planned.

Strange, indeed! According to unnamed sources, James will continue his extended visit in Iowa City, then fly out to Boca Raton, Florida, home of controversial coffee blogger Andrew Brewtbart.

Gwilym Davies is allegedly enduring an “East Coast Tour”. Unconfirmed reports are coming in that he’ll spend most of his time in Atlantic City until the ash clears.

Tim Wendelboe is in New York City, where it’s confirmed he’ll be attending a BBQ and celebrating a pre-birthday with distinguished party animal David LaTourelle.

From Emily Oak’s flickr photostream:



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