You always hear people talking about a glass being half empty or half full, but no one ever talks about the aesthetics of the glass. What are the lines like? Does it have a sleek profile? The true sign of an optimist is not in noticing the volume of the contents but in the appreciation of the glass itself. And optimists rejoice! We’ve found three new vessels—some glass, some ware, some glassware—to add to your coffee appreciation station.

Propel Espresso Glass by Kruve

via Kruve

Kruve has been carving out a nice little niche in elevating the coffee-at-home experience. They first made a name for themselves with their Sifter and then made waves again with their EQ glassware, a set of filter coffee glasses with different shapes to highlight different flavor and aroma characteristics. Their newest offering, the Propel Espresso Glass, is cut from the same cloth as the EQ. Double-glass-walled, the Propel glass is made with lots of “headroom”—space between the liquid and the lip of the glass—to intensify the aroma. And thanks to internal fins inside the glass and convex bottom, the Propel is designed to “destratify the espresso layers as they separate, providing you with a consistent flavor in every sip.”

Currently on Kickstarter, the Propel has already earned nearly 10 times their $3,800 goal. New backers can still grab their own set of Propel glasses for $31 USD for two or $53 for four, 25% and 30% off the $20 MSRP per glass, respectively.

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Manual Coffeemaker Nº4

via Manual Goods

If you’re looking for a manual coffee brewer to bust out at your next fancy dinner to turn heads during the dessert course, look no further than the Coffeemaker Nº4 from Manual Goods. For those familiar with Manual’s output, Coffeemaker Nº4 will look familiar, and for good reason. Nº4 is the next evolution of (sold-out) Coffeemakers Nº1 and Nº2. For the five-year anniversary of the original, Manual gave their coffee brewer an update, including a brand new ceramic base to give the brewer a bit more weight than its bamboo-based cousin.

As of writing this, Coffeemaker Nº4 has received $7,700 of the total $30,000 funding it is seeking on Kickstarter. Assuming the campaign makes, would-be backers can get their very own Coffeemaker Nº4 for $80, $50 off the MSRP. Or if you have Nº1 or Nº2 and just want a base upgrade, the Kickstarter has you covered there too! For $25, you can upgrade to ceramic.

The OVRLNDR Press by Planetary Design

Glass is great, sure, but it can’t quite handle the great outdoors. For that, you need something a little sturdier. That’s where the Ovrlndr Press from Planetary Design comes in. Planetary Design is best known for their Airscape canisters made to keep whole bean coffee fresher longer (and they make a great place to put all those stickers you’ve accrued at all those coffee events over the years). With the Ovrlndr, Planetary Design has the outdoor coffee maker in mind.

Part of their Brutrek line, the Ovrlndr is the ultimate outdoor French press. Double-walled with a 28-ounce capacity, the real innovation from the Ovrlndr comes via the screw-off bottom allowing for a truly no-mess French press. Planetary Design consulted with Caffewerks‘ Terry Ziniewicz to create a new take on the timeless coffee maker, and the result is perhaps the best step forward in outdoor French pressin’ since the Jet Boil Coffee Press.

Running a cool $50, the Ovrlndr is scheduled to be released in February 2020. Planetary Design is currently building a waitlist for interested parties. For more information, check out their official website.

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