Deep within the halls of the Washington State Convention Center, in the middle of Downtown Seattle sometime in April during the SCAA Event trade show, two talented performers donned bean costumes and brought happiness and joy to all around them. Seasoned actor and entertainer Mary E. Diederichs and classically trained (Chuck E. Cheese pedigree) mascot performer Jessica Wilson (@jesslostinspace) were tasked to bring light and fun to the Specialty Coffee Association of America‘s annual coffee trade show. How, you ask? By wearing gigantic oversized coffee bean costumes. 

Did they succeed? We have photographic proof. So much photographic proof.

But first, let’s meet the beans!


Buzzy The Bean is a hefty seed, hearty and full of life. By God, it would take one hell of a big Baratza to grind up old Buzzy! Buzzy The Bean is’s premiere coffee mascot; while other beans are sold as commodity, Buzzy was carefully harvested in a mascot day lot, hand-sorted and shipped in sealed Grain Pro bags. Buzzy’s bonafides are spotless, and even the snobbiest coffee aficionado can’t help but be pleased by Buzzy’s delightful countenance. Feast your eyes on the unbridled glee Buzzy brought forth to all who crossed its path.

Did you get photographed with Buzzy at SCAA 2015? Check out this Facebook gallery and tag yourself, you nutburger! 

Buzzy and Spesh SCAA000

Buzzy and Spesh SCAA001
Buzzy and Marcus Boni.

Here we see Buzzy posing with Marcus Boni of Espresso Supply, who served as the Master of Ceremonies for the 2015 SCAA Event Opening Ceremonies. Mr. Boni is a longtime friend of this website, and now he’s a friend of Buzzy’s!

Buzzy and Spesh SCAA002
Buzzy loves children.

Life as a spokesbean is busy, but Buzzy was never too busy to bring happiness to the children of SCAA 2015.

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Buzzy and Spesh SCAA003

Hard at work keeping the event running shipshape, this Convention Center employee took a moment to pose with Buzzy, between a packed schedule of fix-its.

Buzzy and Spesh SCAA004
BBFF (The extra “B” is for “Buzzy”)

Here’s Buzzy rubbing elbows with Katie Carguilo, the 2012 United States Barista Champion. Big blue sunglasses: who wore it better?


Look out world, here comes Spesh! Spesh L. Tee made its debut on the Saturday of SCAA 2015. Some people think Spesh looks a little underroasted, but we think it’s just some experimental processing. Spesh is our second addition to the Sprudge Mascot family.

Did you get photographed with Spesh L. Tee at the 2015 SCAA Event? We have a lot of photos in this Facebook gallery, so check them out and tag yourself. 

Buzzy and Spesh SCAA005

Spesh loves the outdoors!

Buzzy and Spesh SCAA006

Whoa, here’s Spesh taking part in a coffee cupping! Just think about that for a second: it would be like you participating in a formal evaluation of the flavor characteristics found in samples of human flesh. That ain’t right, but Spesh seems cool with it so…

Buzzy and Spesh SCAA007

What kind of contraption is Spesh getting tangled with? Just another wild and outrageous piece of manufacturing equipment found at the glory that is the SCAA Event.

Spesh and La Marzocco Product Manager Scott Guglielmino
Spesh and La Marzocco Product Manager Scott Guglielmino

Spesh takes a moment to say hello to our friends at La Marzocco! Here Spesh is with LM USA Product Manager Scott Guglielmino.


Where will Spesh and Buzzy go next? To hire the mascots for your next corporate event, wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or funeral, please contact us at (567) CRINKLY.

More photos of Spesh L. Tee here via’s Facebook shenanigans.

More photos of Buzzy The Bean here also via Facebook.

Zachary Carlsen is a co-founder and editor. Read more ZC on Sprudge.

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