Fundamentalist Mormons Are Totes Cool With Coffee

Fundamentalist Mormons Are Totes Cool With Coffee


This just in from the fine folks over at the Salt Lake Tribune’s Polygamy Blog: all them true believers at the Fundamentalist Church Of Jesus Christ? Totes cool with coffee. Caffeine, alcohol, polygamy, underage marriage, volleyball, modern clothing, they’re fine with it all! Have a latte. Have two! They sure did:


Expect to see a lot more of these ladies in the 2014 debut of Girls Season 3: Hannah Horvath Moves To Northern Arizona. But pray tell, where do the FDLS get their lattes? Here are a few options:

The Merry Wives Cafe & Coffee in Hildale lives up to its name, and serves beer, too. There’s a coffee stand, Espresso Creek, a few hundred yards away in Colorado City, Ariz.

Ok sure, coffee, blah blah blah, but can we be real here for a second? These girls are working it on the hairstyle front. Tell us more, Polygamy Blog!

The women never cut their hair because they believe they will use it to wash Christ’s feet during the Second Coming, Bennion says. A Biblical quote says a woman’s hair should be her crowning glory.

The bangs are grown out and rolled (but usually not using a curling iron, because that would be too modern). There are sausage curls on the sides and often braids down the back.

The exact history of the hairstyle is unclear, but it is reminiscent of the Gibson Girl image of the 1800s. It’s a pre-World War II look, exaggerated with the pompadour, Llewellyn says.

Celebrity stylist and salon owner Ted Gibson thinks it gives off a “homely” impression.

“It says, ‘I don’t really care very much. I really don’t have time to worry about the way that I look, because I have 20 children,’ ” Gibson said. “He’s going from wife to wife to wife, so why should I look any better than the other ones?”

Again we’ll just write and link to the Polygamy Blog, which is a real thing that we are not making up.




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