Aaron Frey’s FRSHGRND is one of our very favorite coffee blogs. In their most recent entry, Mr. Frey explores Democratic Coffee, “One of Copenhagen’s best cafes” located in that city’s main library.

More from FRSHGRND:

Head to the right when you enter the library and you’ll find your way into a room with a long wood paneled bar. You could almost be excused for thinking this is where you should check out your books, if it weren’t for the bakery in the back and the coffee equipment. Oliver, the shop’s proprietor whose curly hair and glasses make him hard to miss, serves a great espresso using coffees from Koppi, a well regarded roastery in Sweden. When I visited they were serving a Rwanda Rubavu single origin that was sweet, citrusy, chocolatey, and thoroughly enjoyable.


Read the whole thing and check out some more pictures via FRSHGRND.