Found On Flickr: Tom Questions “Three Region...

Found On Flickr: Tom Questions “Three Regions”

Actually, I found “Four Continent” coffee, Five, and even Six too. I think this burning topic needs to be addressed at next years SCAA Symposium. Whats a region? Whats a continent? Hell, Whats a Micro-region? How many regions are in a continent?

The Sweet Maria’s flickr photo stream is always thought provoking. We covered a photo Tom made a while back of “green buyers at origin”. This time Tom juxtaposes Stumptown’s Hairbender description with Starbucks’ “Three Region Blend” and the Douwe Egberts “Good Origin Three Regions Blend”. Tom asks a lot of questions. We want to know what constitutes a good origin. And in the comments of Tom’s Flickr photoshop ry3bee asks “What’s a Symposium?”




  1. Eric Z

    30 June

    Interesting. As an industry, shouldn’t we be beyond the idea of not providing specific details regarding the origin of a blend? As a consumer, it makes me wonder if roasters are perhaps hiding low grade or out of season coffees into their blends. So I have stopped buying espresso from such roasters (still dig the S.O., though). Hope they’re paying attention.

  2. Bluecold

    30 June

    ‘good origin’ is another meaningless Douwe Egberts marketing term for their shitty coffee.
    I do like their cups though. And their old hand grinders. And their Technivorm rebadges. And grandmas ceramic pourover cone including unparalleled coffeepot that has an ingenious spout design that does not drip.

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