Just begun over on the Serious Drinks blog (a division of Serious Eats, obviously, but with better writers), an ongoing series on coffee history written by Sprudge fave and Counter Culture Coffee mensch Erin Meister.

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Round one starts with Ethiopia, with the Tattooine-esque spice lands of Yemen to follow. It’s a great primer on the why’s and how’s of Ethiopian coffee:

  Ethiopia throws processing into the mix of variables that contribute to the classic flavor profiles common in coffees from its southern reaches. Harrar coffees typically undergo the “natural” or “sun-dried” process, which requires coffee cherry to be picked ripe and dried over the course of up to several weeks on raised beds of metal mesh, constantly raked and turned to prevent spoilage on the fruit.

Read the whole thing here, and follow along with more installations over the next few weeks.

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