Folgers For Soldiers: A Cup Of Joe For GI Joe

Folgers For Soldiers: A Cup Of Joe For GI Joe


Stay-at-home-barista Joy Chalk has made a number of new friends with Cup of Joe For Joe, a program that puts coffee in the hands of American soldiers for $2 a cup. Her son is currently serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan and learned about the program on Facebook. From the Loudon Times:

Chalk said even a gift as small as a cup of hot coffee can be very meaningful to a soldier overseas.

“When you give something very small and very personal like a cup of coffee and a note, you just have a vested interest,” Chalk said. “There’s that tie, there’s that bond, there’s that interest in their well-being.”

Chalk has heard back from some soldiers, and has established pen-pal relationships with a few of them. Sometimes they’ve tried to say “thank you” for the coffee, but Chalk says she tells them that she wants to thank them for how they’re serving their country.

Loudoun Times – Cups of coffee warm hearts of soliders overseas

Cup of Joe For A Joe Program Official Site

(Picture originally uploaded at the Official 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Website)

  1. Cory

    30 May

    But I thought the government already provided the troops with as much free coffee as they want…

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