The much anticipated new project from barista superstar Christopher Nicely Abel Alameda is now open, and we’ve got an inside look from our LA desk chief, Julie Wolfson. It’s called Menotti’s Coffee Stop – you can start the buzz now.


Nicely pulls shots of Four Barrel Coffee from a mint-turquoise La Marzocco FB/80.


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Custom Hedley & Bennett aprons dangle from horn hooks upon wall.


A blonde guest eagerly anticipates a cup of coffee.


Records spin. Nicely has great taste in music. According to a recent interview, “Sly and the Family Stone is a favorite. Joni Mitchell is a favorite. Nas is a favorite. Outkast is a favorite. And I’ll own this too. Gloria Estefan, that’s a favorite. A particular album though. Her Spanish music. Not the English stuff. There was an album she came out with in ’92 called “”Mi Tierra.” It’s one of the best of all time.”


The Menotti’s crew.


Glug glug. Look for much more on the style, fashion, and service scene at Menotti’s in our upcoming exclusive fashion editorial, featuring Nudie, Hedley & Bennet, and photos by one of LA’s hottest photographers. Stay tuned.

Menotti’s Coffee Stop, 52 Windward Avenue Venice, CA 90291

Photos by Julie Wolfson (@JulieWolfson) for Read more of  Julie Wolfson’s industry-leading LA coverage for Sprudge here. 

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