IMG_5525 is first to report the opening of Christopher David Experience Design, a brand new coffee bar, florist, and interior design showroom in Portland’s Pearl District. Christopher David opened on August 20th, and is the combined achievement of interior designer Chris Giovarelli, florist Cosmin Bisorca, and coffee professional Kevin Nichols, formerly of Water Avenue Coffee.


The space’s interior is by Mr. Giovarelli, whose previous design work includes numerous private homes and businesses in the Pearl, includingย French Cut Hair, recentlyย named one of the top 100 salons in the country by Elle Magazine. It occupies the space at NW 10th and Kearney once held by Cloud Seven Coffee, and before that, Sip & Kranz. The westernmost wall of the shop is given over to florist Cosmin Bisorca, who’s done this with it:


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The interior at this new shop is stunning. There’s a thousand little playful gasper ideas scattered around the space, everything feeling very old and very warn, and not at all artificial. This is not some new proto-modern pre-fab West Elm-cum-IKEA design corporation. The curation here is impressive and careful, while still feeling personal.


Even the pastry case is gorgeous, featuring baked goods from Nuvrei and gluten-free offerings from Gem. This charming site below greets you upon entry to the space.


Any article on CDExD can’t help but turn into a photo essay (we could have run another dozen in this one). The floral department is particularly fun; have a look at Mr. Bisorca’s work desk.


Coffee service here is overseen by Mr. Nichols and a small staff, and includes pour over and espresso offerings from Water Avenue Coffee. You get to sit and sip your drink in that gorgeous flower corner, or wander around the design showcase with a cup in hand. It’s a unique model: Mr. Giovarelli is the most established of the three, and majority owner, but Mr. Nichols and Mr. Bisorca are partners in venture, and all three exhibit their expertise under the same banner. The coffee bar, as goes the florist, as goes the design house itself are all called Christopher David Experience Design. It’s a curious concept, and takes some thought to wrap one’s brain around, but enjoying the space itself? Effortless.

Look for Christopher David Experience Design at the 2013 edition of Portland Design Week, where they’ll be hosting a series of workshops and events. More information available here, and on Twitter at @CDEXD.

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