Griffin, Georgia’s Safehouse Coffee & Tea caught fire last night. You can help support the rebuild by donating here. Owner Hunt Slade writes via Facebook:

To all of our friends and family that share in the loss of our beloved shop this evening to fire – thank you all so much for your support and encouragement. The worst site tonight was not the flames breaking through the roof of the building or the smashed in windows; it was the distraught look on the faces of those that have come to know each other within its walls. Well, before I collapse into bed I want to tell you this – Safehouse is not a building and it is not a person. Safehouse is a community of people who believe in something better for their lives and their town. So hug each other and be thankful that we can all see one another tomorrow. This fire claimed wood and metal but took no lives – not a single person was injured and so we go on. We will rebuild. We will start over with all of the experience we have gained and all of the powerful heartfelt relationships we have grown and we will all be stronger for it. Make something that counts and share it with someone – we did and not even a raging fire could destroy that. I am grateful for you all.

As we cull through the wreckage and compile a battle plan, sobs billow ‘neath the surface threatening rain. But if we weep, we shed tears of gratitude that we can all stand together now that mortal danger has passed. Our deepest thanks to all of the fire fighters and servicemen that protected our beautiful down town – we pray for your continued safety in the dangerous jobs you perform.

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We have been told by the fire inspector that the fire started in some old original wiring that ignited between the ceiling of the mezzanine and the floor of the top level. By the time the fire was visible it was already uncontrollable as it spread through the ceiling and walls. This accentuated how grateful we are that everyone got out safely.

Thank you all for your support and we will post on how people can help as a plan develops over the next few hours.

SCAA Chronicle reports that Batdorf and Bronson set up a pop-up pour over bar today. An inspiring and uplifting show of community support.

Employees of the company, Daniel Thompson and Dut Goodman, drove from Atlanta to Griffin to help serve coffee for the cleanup effort.

We wish the very best for Amanda, Hunt, Jacob and all of our friends at Safehouse.

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