The home brewing market is booming right. The tools needed to make cafe-quality coffee at home was already growing steadily, but the pandemic forcing much of the world to stay at home served as a catalyst that skyrocketed demand for high-end brewing gear. At the forefront of this boom is Fellow, who has been making sleek-looking, high-performing home brew equipment for nearly a decade. And with a recently announced influx of $30 million in Series B funding, the brand is looking to make further inroads in the market.

Fellow first captured the attention of specialty coffee cafes and home users alike with their Stagg kettle, featuring the stylish minimal design and functionality the brand would come to be associated with. Over the years, their portfolio has steadily grown to include an electronic version of their kettle, heat-saving mugs, coffee canisters, pour-over sets, and even an award-winning grinder focusing on brewed coffee, the Ode. Now, the specialty coffee favorite can be found at homewares stores worldwide.

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With the new funding, announced today, June 15th, the brand looks to expand its reach. Led by NextWorld Evergreen, a “San Francisco-based growth equity firm focused on conscious consumer brands,” Fellow’s $30 million Series B will be used to “accelerate product innovation, bolster educational content, expand retail, and recruit additional top talent,” per the press release. In concrete terms, this means a second flagship store—this one in Venice, California—as well as a new addition to the Carter travel mug line.

The brand also looks to become a “one-stop-shop for reliably excellent coffee” with more educational services and their curated subscription service. Per Fellow’s CEO Jake Miller:

Over the years, we’ve learned that achieving our mission to help customers make exceptional coffee at home is more than just about great product design; it’s also about giving them access to the best quality beans and equipping them with guidance on how to use those products… This new funding will allow us to expand what we do and move our brand into this position.

For more information, visit Fellow’s official website.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.