Everyone at the office decided it was best to not run a holiday buying guide this year. Why? Because the only things you should be giving your coffee-loving special someone is a Dogs of Coffee calendar, a nice kiss on the smoocher, and this one of a kind, ultra-exclusive, mega super fantastic awesome Sprudge.com Reg Barber Tamper!

Sprudge tampers, could it really be? Will your bars of pressure be the frothiest known to man? Are you fabulous enough to twist a wrist with Sprudge in your fist? Then step right up, and have an EXCLUSIVE chance to bid on the first-ever available Sprudge.com tamper, made by Reg Barber in his Magic Factory Forest Moon of Endor.

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We are auctioning this coffee tamper for the Western Canadian Coffee Collective Society to host the 2011 Western Canadian Barista Championship and Coffee Show – Comes with your choice of base. Auction is 5 days only and ends Wednesday December 22 at 4:30 Pacific time

Own the first-ever Sprudge tamper, give direct support to the 2011 WCBC, and prove to EVERYONE around you that yours is the Sprudgiest, frothiest, most outrageously tabloid tamper on the Planet Earth.

There’s only one available so you’d better bid! Do it! The opening offer started at $50!

Auction closes Wednesday. Support coffee culture in Western Canada!

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