If you’ll pardon the cliche, there’s a little piece of our hearts that we left behind in Melbourne. That charming city, and its lovely residents, made a big impression on Your Sprudge Editors. And although the World Barista Championship and Melbourne International Coffee Expo were all the way back in May, there’s still more awesome moments from our time there we’ve yet to share.

One such moment was the “WBC Comedown” cupping party, sponsored by Sprudge and hosted by our friends atย Everyday Coffee,ย a delightful multi-roaster cafe in the heart of Melbourne’s Collingwood neighborhood. In a fortnight spent exploring Melbourne’s seemingly bottomless roster of fine cafes, Everyday effortlessly stands out in our memories. The space is gorgeous – modern yet cozy – and the coffees we tried there did right by some of the city’s finest roasters, including Seven Seeds, Market Lane, and Small Batch. The cafe is pointedly dedicated to brewing up delightful filter coffees, a practice that is still fairly new to the Melbourne specialty coffee market. Our Melbourne staff writer, Eileen P. Kenny, will be exploring the city’s filter brew culture and Everyday’s role in it for an upcoming feature on Sprudge.

Everyday’s owners – Mark W. Free, Joe Miranda, and Aaron Maxwell – each come with serious specialty coffee pedigrees from around the city, yet remain affable and approachable. Hosting a cupping with them was one of our favorite memories from Melbourne, so much so that one’s mind starts to wander…because it’s tempting, you know, to think about schluffing off whatever’s going in North America, buying a one-way ticket to Melbourne, renting a desk next door to the cafe at Magic Johnston, and really making a go of it. How else can one be expected to indulge in the ritual of visiting Everyday Coffee every day.

But until that happens, here’s what we served up at the cupping, whose roster featured coffees sourced throughout the WBC week at Melbourne International Coffee Expo. It comprises 32 distinct coffees, grown in 11 different countries, as roasted by 23 different roasters from around the world. All our cupping parties are their own special little snowflake, and this one was no exception, attended by an audience of around 75 coffee enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.


Clement – Colombia Pozo Azul COE #27

Code Black Coffee – Rwanda Kinunu

Coffee Supreme – Colombia El Desarollo
Coffee Supreme – Colombia Perla Del Sur

Market Lane – Brazil Cerra Dos Crioulos
Market Lane – Guatemala Puerta Verde
Market Lane – Kenya Kirimahiga

Mecca – El Salvador Los Andes SL28

Proud Mary – Panama Hartmann Honey

Reuben Hills – Colombia Libano Tolima Finca San Luis Omar Arangoย 
Reuben Hills – Colombia La Plata West Huila Finca El Bohio Milciades Goloduno

Seven Seeds – Colombia Juan Carlos Rojas
Seven Seeds – Colombia Roman Trujillo

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Small Batch – Colombia Omar Collazos

St. Ali – Finca Santuario Geisha “Matt Perger Filter Roast”
St. Ali – Finca Santuario Eteluina Caturra “Matt Perger Omni-Roast”

Wide Open Road – Kenya Tegu AB



Bows & Arrows Coffee Roasters – Colombia Huila Finca La Esperanza


Coffee Collective – Ethiopia Jimma Yukro
Coffee Collective – Colombia Huila El Desarollo


Honey Coffee – Nicaraguaย La Marcela


Solberg & Hansen – Colombia La Amistad

Tim Wendelboe – Kenya Nyeri Tekangu



Orang Utan Coffee


Drop Coffee – Colombia Cerra Azul Gesha


Central City Coffee – Rwanda Burmera

Coava Coffee Roasters – Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere

Heart Roasters – Rwanda Karenge

Intelligentsia Coffee – Costa Rica Flecha Roja

Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelbessa
Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Indonesia Sulawesi Toarco Toraja
Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Costa Rica Montes De Oro

Below you’ll find a mega-diptych of all the coffees served, plus a photograph of Everyday Coffee co-owner Mark W. Free in his natural habitat. Thank you to all the roasters who donated coffee!ย 


This event was the 7th in an ongoing series of cupping parties, including previous events in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis and Chicago. Relive all the coffees served and slurps shared by checking out our Cupping Parties archive.ย 

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