We’re beyond excited to announce a new podcast for 2021 joining the Sprudge Podcast Network—a growing mixtape of podcast shows dedicated to coffee, culture, and the intersection therein. Listen to the brand new coffee marketing podcast In Good Taste, hosted by Ever Meister.

Ever Meister (photo by Victor Pagan)

Meister is a coffee professional based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “Ever is a force for good in our industry: She’s a thoughtful, empathetic, and intuitive communicator focused on many of the complex issues at hand today,” says coffee professional Jenn Rugolo. Meister has spent the last two decades working in specialty coffee and currently works in the education department at Cafe Imports. Throughout her years in coffee, Meister has produced award-winning articles, presentations, and podcasts.

In Good Taste is an eight-episode series on coffee marketing—what it means to sell coffee here in 2021—and some of the biggest ethical questions and issues that are in the marketing sphere of specialty coffee right now.

“My goal here is to use my training as a journalist to create a platform where we can share our thoughts and concerns,” explains Meister, “and also our motivations for making the world of specialty coffee marketing a better place. Each episode will focus on a different area of the work, and I’ll interview folks to get as broad a perspective as possible.”

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In the first episode, Meister scratches the surface and asks a number of coffee professionals involved in marketing questions about their backgrounds, the ethical codes they follow, and the resources they use in their work.

Listen to the first episode in its entirety right here on Sprudge:

Transcript available here.

In Good Taste is part of our new, regularly updating network of coffee podcast content. And we’re just getting started—Sprudge Podcast Network offers a range of shows with insightful, delightful hosts from around the world. Listen to Cascara, a coffee travel podcast hosted by Cydni Patterson, No Free Refills, a pop culture podcast hosted by Ezra Baker and Tymika Lawrence, A Better Table hosted by Sprudgie Award-winning journalist and community organizer Umeko Motoyoshi, Seed To Cup hosted by Sprudge co-founder and 2020 James Beard Foundation journalism award winner Jordan Michelman, and The Coffee Sprudgecast.

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