Bay Area artists Reggie White and Adrian Anchondo created a combination ode to Dunkin Donuts and parody of Beyonce’s single “Drunk In Love” in late February. It’s a lament to Dunkin Donuts lovers on the West Coast, who simply can’t have it – until sometime in 2015.

The video is a collaboration between performers White and Anchondo, director Edwin Gonzalez, and music producer Tal Ariel. San Francisco NPR affiliate KQED interviewed the performers:

In a way, your video release is like Beyonce’s surprise album, springing up out of nowhere and changing lives. How did the idea behind “Dunkin Love” come about?
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Reggie White: I first had Dunkin Donuts in 2012 when I was in New York working on a play off-off Broadway. I had heard the large legend of Dunkin, but had never had it before. I fell in love. It was like that scene in The Color Purple when Celie and Nettie run and hug…but in my mouth, with my taste buds and that donut. I’ve been cravin’ I’ve been cravin’ them ever since. I’m so happy they’re coming to the West Coast!

AA: The idea for “Dunkin Love” came to me after having a little Beyonce Visual Album viewing party at my apartment in Berkeley. I invited a few people, including Reggie, and the album had been out just long enough for Reggie to memorize every single Beyonce dance move, which he later proved when he danced in front of my apartment at 3am ’til his wallet flew out of his pocket. I had recently heard that Dunkin’ Donuts was coming to the West Coast, and being that I grew up in the Northeast, I knew how big of a deal that was. It’s like if In-N-Out came to the East Coast. I started thinking of lyrics and I called Reggie and was like, ”I have an idea, and you are doing it.”

RW: He asked me if I would be down to make a Drunk In Love spoof about Dunkin Donuts, and I was like, sure…thinking he was totally bluffing. He came up with some lyrics. Still thought he was bluffing. We recorded at my friend Tal Ariel’s studio. Then I was like, “Oh, this is really going to happen.” A friend of our’s, Mike, connected us with Edwin Gonzales. We shot the video with another friend of our’s, Sarah Coykendall (her hands draw the heart around the donut at the end), and then….kaboom.

Read the full (and incredible) interview here.

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