It was a grand display, this marketing stunt. The Dunkin’ Donuts New York Tri-State Twitter (follow them at @dunkinnytri) looks like they’ve gone ahead and bought themselves the services of New York Giants QB Eli Manning. And while not exactly known for being promotion adverse, this particular series of photo ops looks more like they’re touring around a real prize pig.

First stop:


Drink that iced coffee, Eli, do what we tell you. We’re posting this on Twitter! Smile more! Why can’t you smile?

(Eli doesn’t really smile.)

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.37.06 AM


But if you thought the enthusiasm was already at a fever pitch, Mr. Manning’s second stop yielded this moment of pure, unbridled joy:


But don’t blame Eli. Looking bored at regional promo photo ops runs in his family. Here’s his brother Payton, displaying evident incuriosity at a 2005 “Free Beef With New Tires” event back in Indianapolis:


And here’s their father, Archie, looking bored indeed at the 1972 New Orleans Gumbo King Cook-Off Jamboree:


Next week: Phillip Rivers orders a Choco-Cool-Frapp-a-Latte from his favorite beachside coffee spot; Russell Wilson gets talked down to at a notable Seattle cafe; and Colinย Kaepernick is seen downing 8 consecutive shots of espresso from the Ritual Coffee location in Hayes Valley.