UPDATE: Your Seattle Disloyalty Card Is Now Availa...

UPDATE: Your Seattle Disloyalty Card Is Now Available!

UPDATE: As of May 7th, 2010, your very own Disloyalty Card is now available at these fine cafes:

Aster (BALLARD 5615 24th Ave NW )

Equal Exchange Espresso (BALLARD 1400 NW 56th)

Fonte (DOWNTOWN 1321 1st ave)

Herkimer (U DISTRICT 5611 University Way NE + PHINNEY 7320 Greenwood Ave N)

Makeda (PHINNEY 153 N. 78th St)

Neptune (PHINNEY 8415 Greenwood Ave N.)

Porchlight (CAPITOL HILL 1515 14TH Ave)

Tougo (CENTRAL DISTRICT 1410 18th Ave)

Trabant (U DISTRICT 1309 NE 45th + PIONEER SQUARE 602 2nd Ave)

Urban Coffee Lounge (KIRKLAND 9744 NE 19th Way)

Inspired by Gwillym, realized by Sarah Dooley and Neptune, and brought to our attention by Sam Lewontin: is pleased to mention Seattle’s very own Disloyalty Card. Pickup your card at one of these 10 cafes, and enjoy your crawl through the Emerald City!


  1. jason dominy

    17 August

    We now have a Disloyalty Card in Atlanta, featuring 10 of the city’s best shops.

  2. julie

    14 May

    but does it work in the same way as gwilym’s card? is there an additional reward once you’ve visited all ten spots?

  3. Rumor has it the card is available Today at finer coffee establishments in the greater Seattle area near you.

  4. Name Zechariah

    16 April

    I wish we had one for Atlanta’s coffee community.

  5. sandy

    12 April

    This is awesome!!! Herkimer, Trabant, and Aster are my favorite shops in Seattle. I miss those guys. :(

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