Earlier this week, the New York Post ran a story on the Ethiopia Nekisse currently featured at Cafe Grumpy. This micro-lot was sourced and distributed by Ninety Plus Coffee, based out of Denver. Cafe Grumpy is offering their Nekisse at a $12-per-cup price point.

There is, of course, an ongoing debate over how much micro-lots should cost per cup in a retail setting. We won’t go into it here, and would much rather point you elsewhere for debate and discourse.

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We would instead like to focus on the full-on 3 ring hoopla Barnum and freakin’ Bailey’s lion tamer extravaganza of press and publicity this story has generated. From local TV coverage to national TV spots, from titans of the blogosphere to hipster wordpress so-and-so’s, and everything inbetween, even winding up on the always shocking, still sort of relevant Drudge Report main page.

We’ve heard reports of strange goings-on at the Greenpoint store in the wake of all the coverage.ย  We also have confirmation that the Nekisse is indeed delicious. As this press coverage balloons out exponentially over the next few weeks, offering manna and succor to news content editors the world over, expect increasing amounts of attention to be heaped upon retail micro-lot price points.

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