There’s this weird phenomenon when flying where things that otherwise don’t taste great are somehow good, craveable even. It has something to do with the altitude and cabin pressure decreasing our sense of smell. Tomato juice—reserved mostly for hangovers, brunches, and hangover brunches—is perhaps the greatest recipient of this taste alteration. And maybe, just maybe, if you fly high enough, the effect can also make espresso martinis palatable1? Delta Airlines is willing to give it a try anyway and have announced they will be adding the recently re-popular coffee cocktail on their in-flight menu.

The news comes via Travel + Leisure, who report that Delta will be introducing espresso martinis along with a host of other beverage options—both alcoholic and non—as well as the return of the first-class dessert cart. But because this is still a metal tube hurtling through the sky at a million miles an hour with little extra room for things like an espresso machine, full-service wet bar, and all cocktail-making necessities, the latest addition to Delta’s drinks menu will not be made-to-order.

advert but first coffee cookbook now available


For the new espresso martini option, the airline will be serving a RTD canned version made by Tip Top Proper Cocktails. According to the brand’s website, the 100ml canned coldie is made in collaboration with Counter Culture, along with vodka and vanilla and clocks in at a respectable ABV of 22%.

And for you snootie frou-frou up-in-the-front passengers, Delta is bringing in a host of dessert options to pair with that espresso martini. You can build your own ice cream sundae, have a fruit and cheese plate, or even indulge in a decadent piece of opera cake with chocolate ganache.

The new additions are all scheduled to be rolled out this March and will be available on select domestic and international flights. So it’s good news I guess for those looking to get loaded and bloated 5,000 feet up. I of course will be sticking with the actual best way to drink coffee on an airplane: powerful weak and soaked up in a Biscoff cookie.

1. I have been informed by my editors that the palatability or lack thereof of espresso martinis is far from a settled matter, and as such, I’m loathe to note that the above statement is solely the opinion of the author and not an objective statement of fact.

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