New York City based startup Wandering Bear Coffee Co. take their cold brew coffee and put it in a box with a spigot ala Franzia and the fancier varieties of convenience-based refrigerated consumer wine in cardboard containers. It’s about time someone figured this out.

Who is Wandering Bear? Natalie Bloom explains in an email sent to us:

The idea for Wandering Bear started brewing in 2013 when co-founders Matt Bachmann and Ben Gordon met in class at Columbia Business School. Ben had brought a mason jar of homemade cold brew to class, which drew Matt’s attention, since he too was a home cold-brewer. In 2014 they decided to channel their shared love of coffee and passion for problem solving towards what they viewed as a real challenge in cold brew: convenience. Hence began their mission to find a way to put premium cold brew coffee “on tap” in any kitchen.

Wandering Bear Coffee Co. is launching this summer with their first product: a premium, straight, black cold brewed coffee that is bold (but not bitter) and smooth in flavor with a refreshing, chocolaty finish. The coffee is uniquely packaged in a 12-serving box with tap, just like boxed wine, which keeps the coffee fresh and allows the cold brew to be transported, stacked, stored, and dispensed with unprecedented ease.

Right now our coffee is available via direct sales to offices (via a subscription model) and on food trucks across the city. And plans to reach home/apartment refrigerators are in the works! We’re eager to take orders today via email.


The Wandering Bear Coffee Co. website is still under construction, but go there to sign up for updates. This slamming idea is still so new that we have yet to actually get a box ourselves, but Wandering Bear kindly sent us some action shots, and we have to say, we are ready for the endless cold brew coffee in the fridge summer lifestyle. Pertinent questions like “what kind of coffee do they use” and “does this taste good” will have to wait for a later piece. But seriously, cold brew in a box, you guys.