Introducing Pica Pic, an online museum of handheld electronic games! What sort of handheld electronic games, you ask? Why, ones from the 1980s and 1990s, the kind that would be played once and then forgotten, or confiscated at school by who you are later able to identify as your total stoner burnout of a study hall instructor. You know what we're saying – 20th Century crappy digi-bric-a-brac, revered for both their ironic and meta-ironic qualities by cool-to-too-cool twenty-something jerks, thirty years later, “discovered” at the Thrift Town bargain bin and added to that growing (groovy) slop house collection of ironic junk, VHS tapes, and dreams that have long since died in lieu of dating the DIY guitar player.

Enter Coffeehouse! Remember Coffeehouse? Play Coffeehouse here. You're the lone barista who has to serve angry business men before they get upset. It's every barista's worst nightmare come to life in video game form! Fun!