There’s a new podcast being released today and it has the coffee professional (or budding coffee professional) in mind. Created by April Coffee Roasters founder Patrik Rolf and Joseph Fisher, “Coffee with April” features some of the biggest names in European specialty coffee who sit down with Patrik Rolf to discuss “integrity, business, and coffee.”

For season one—which have all been released at once a la Netflix—Coffee with April is focusing on entrepreneurship and what it takes to start a coffee business. “It is about the process of starting and operating some of the most interesting coffee companies in coffee,” Patrik Rolf tells Sprudge via email. “All the questions are unique and individual for each person and episode. It is structured as a conversation more so than an interview. We wanted it to be two professionals sharing and talking with each other.”

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To glean this incite, Patrik Rolf sits down with a roster of heavy hitters in the European (read: based in Europe but globally renowned) coffee world, including: Tim Wendelboe, James Hoffmann (Square Mile), Nadine Rasch (Primavera), Colin Harmon (3fe), Kaan Bergsen (Petra Roasting), Klaus Thomsen (Coffee Collective), and Joanna Alm (Drop Coffee).

With a focus on entrepreneurship, Patrik Rolf and guests will give “an honest insight and perspective on how it is to start, run and operate a roastery/coffee business,” all through a lens of real-life experiences. “We get to listen to how James Hoffman and the Square Mile team came up with the Red Brick Espresso, how Tim Wendelboe created what is probably the best roastery in the world, how Colin Harmon joined forces with Steve Leighton to start one of the strongest roasteries in Ireland,” Patrik Rolf says of the first season.

All seven episodes of season one of Coffee with April are out now and are available for listen and/or download via April Coffee’s official website, Soundcloud, or iTunes. So if you are thinking about hanging a shingle of your own or if you just want to hear some of the most high-profile names in the coffee biz talk about the trials and tribulations of coming up, Coffee with April may be a good way for you to spend an hour.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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