2019 US Barista Champion Samantha Spillman hugs 2018 US Barista Champion Cole McBride (Photo by Liz Chai)

We’re in Kansas City for part one of our special SprudgeLive Coffee Sprudgecast series. These episodes will take you to the event floor at the 2019 US Coffee Championships in Kansas City. There we join multimedia director Elizabeth Chai, who—in addition to helming our must-follow Instagram coverage of the event—taped a series of original interviews for this week’s episode of the podcast.

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T. Ben Fischer and a the iridescent vessels and the Volcano. (Photo by Liz Chai)

In this episode, Chai talks to 2019 United States Barista Championship finalist T. Ben Fischer of Elixr Coffee Roasters and Glitter Cat Barista Boot Camp. Chai speaks to T. Ben about his competition routine and about creating the Glitter Cat program. To learn even more, listen to Episode 59 of the Coffee Sprudgecast.

Chai then interviews 2019 United States Barista Champion Samantha Spillman of Dillanos Coffee based in Sumner, Washington. Chai spoke with Spillman just after her finals performance—moments before learning she’d become this year’s champion. Spillman will compete in Boston at the World Barista Championship in a few short weeks. For more, check out our interview with Samantha Spillman on Sprudge.

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2019 Sprudge Live coverage is produced by Zac Cadwalader. Our lead photographer is Charlie Burt. Multimedia direction by Elizabeth Chai.

See y’all in Boston!

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