An early version of Sprudge.

Welcome to a fabulous new episode of The Coffee Sprudgecast, a podcast hosted by Sprudge co-founders Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen. Episode 27 completes a two-part odyssey in which Michelman & Carlsen look back at their early days, in the long, long ago. Last week’s show took you all the way back to 1998, where the two met on the first day of 8th grade; this week we’re hanging out in Seattle, Washington in the fall of 2009, and remembering the launch of this particular coffee internet publication (back when it was Sprudge Report).

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To celebrate 7 years of Sprudge our co-founders are taking you back to those halcyon days, with many shout-outs to places like Linda’s TavernOddfellows, and the Stumptown Pine location where this very website was founded.  We talk about the earliest incarnations of Sprudge (when it looked like The Drudge Report), and talk about our move from content aggregators to original content creators through shadowy websites like Brewtbart and Breuters.

No publication simply “appears”—there’s always a story behind the scenes, and this is ours. Thanks so much for listening, and we assure you that next week we’ll be back on task in the podcast game, interviewing fascinating coffee folks and talking about the wider coffee world. Forgive us our brief indulgence in member berries, and we hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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