One of the many time-honored traditions around Thanksgiving time is the Turkey Trot. Borne out of the desire to get away from family in town and helping prepare the big holiday meal, Turkey Trot races take place across the country and give folks an excuse to get up early and literally run away from their problems with tens of thousands of your closest friends.

Always the uniter, Coffee Mate is trying to bring families back together Thanksgiving morning, and they are hoping that a cool $5,000 is incentive enough to make it worth it. With their latest promotion, the $5K to Skip the 5k Sweepstakes, Coffee Mate will pay two lucky individuals who promises to skip the Turkey Trot.

“Coffee Mate knows better than anyone that the morning coffee routine is sacred,” the brand states on their website announcing the contest, “but every Thanksgiving, the dreaded Turkey Trot threatens to disrupt that ritual.” So to convince folks to sit this one out (and also potentially to hawk more Coffee Mate Perfect Holiday Mate,” the brand is giving away $5,000 each to two to agrees not to run the 5K this year.


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Sign up for the contest is completely free and can be done via the Coffee Mate website. Entries must be made by Thanksgiving.

And for those of you honest folk who want to win money but still go run in the morning, the $5K to Skip the 5k Sweepstakes technically says you only have to skip the 3.1 mile race. There’s still an 8-mile variation and a 1-mile fun run that are both part of the Turkey Trot, which may just be the loophole you need. Or even better, you can just say you’re going to run the Turkey Trot and then go take a cozy nap in your car away from your family.

For more information, to see the official rules or to sign up, visit the Coffee Mate $5K to Skip the 5k Sweepstakes’ official website.

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