Counter Culture Coffee teamed up with Steeped Coffee for the launch of a new line of single-serve coffee bags.

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Each individual bag brews eight ounces of coffee and the coffee itself is contained within a tea-bag-like sachet. Those familiar with steeping tea bags will find that steeping coffee in this manner is similar: plop it in your cup, add hot water, dunk-dunk, and steep for five minutes and boom—you’re good to go.

The resulting cup is not unlike a Clever or French Press, those full-immersion brewing styles that give brewed coffee a little extra chewiness. “Single-Serve has taste that parallels its whole bean counterpart, as expected, maintaining clarity of the flavors—regardless of roast level or profile,” says Counter Culture Coffee’s Coffee Manager Jeff McArthur. “In many instances, however, we experience a slightly higher body or mouthfeel that’s more akin to a French Press brewing method without so much sediment or oils rather than a filter or pour-over method.”

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Counter Culture Coffee single-serve bag in action.

The Counter Culture Single-Serve coffees come in neatly packed, shelf-stable, oxygen-free, and easy-to-travel with pouch. Counter Culture Coffee keeps the same look as its whole bean line with its bright colors and modern look, designed in-house by Lead Designer Amanda Hakansan-Stacy. “Our packaging was updated in July of this year,” says Resta. “Our 12 oz packaging was refreshed with updated fonts, cleaner lines, and the use of black to make our bags feel more modern and approachable. Overall, not a complete departure, just a fresh take.”

The pouches are biodegradable and the outer packaging is made using renewable and compostable materials.

The new product has been out for a little over a week. When asked about the response so far, Resta told us it’s been overwhelmingly positive. “People are really excited for a convenience option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. And we’ve been told this is a game-changer for fall camping trips.”

For the launch, Counter Culture Coffee is serving up its Big Trouble, Forty-Six, and decaf Slow Motion blends. $9.99 for a box of five and $19.99 for a box of ten.

Company: Counter Culture Coffee
Location: Durham, NC
Country: United States
Design Debut: September 2019
Designer: Amanda Hakansan-Stacy

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