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Who among us doesn’t like cracking into a beautifully designed can of cold brew? Our friends at Abracadabra teamed up with Vermont’s Luce Farm to create a crushable coffee chill brew infused with 20mg of hemp-derived CBD. Abracadabra asked designers Dang Olsen and Andrew Plotsky to help design the can—using magical elements and a psychedelic color story. Olsen designed Abracadabra’s cold brew cans all the way back in 2017. This time around, the cans are brighter and a little more colorful and even sport a custom typeface. We spoke with Clint Hunt to learn more.


Tell us more about the collaboration between Abracadabra and Luce Farm.

Our relationship developed over a nasty winter last year when mass amounts of CBD and coffee were pivotal to our happy survival. Our companies immediately vibed and we knew a collaboration was brewing. Our businesses are very similar in regards to sustainability, quality, and transparency. We are super passionate about sourcing, roasting, and brewing the tastiest, nuanced, out of this world coffees. Luce Farm is involved fully from growing their own dope ass hemp plants organically on their farm in Vermont, to extracting and producing their delicious full spectrum nectar with intense love and care.

How long was Chill Brew in development before its launch last summer?

We started experimenting in December 2017 with different single origin coffees, processing methods, brew ratios and CBD dosages. We canned a multitude of test batches which we tried throughout the winter months before deciding on the final recipe.

There’s 20 mg of hemp-derived CBD in each can. What does it taste like?

We chose this specific coffee to pair with CBD because of how well the taste and aromas complimented each other. This Ethiopia Gedeb coffee is super juicy and clean and when combined with the dank CBD creates an experience that keeps your eyes wide and your vibes chiiiillllllll. Notes of tangerine, caramel, chamomile, and spruce tips levitate from this can.

It’s been out for nearly a year. How has it been received?

It’s been fanfrickingtastic! We have been super stoked and overwhelmed by the positive feedback both in terms of taste and experience.

Tell us about the beautiful packaging—who did the art?

Our art and design boiz Dang Olsen and Andrew Plotsky cold crushed it. We took an image of a shirt, hand tie-dyed by Dang, to use for the soft colors of the background. Dang hand drew the squiggly alphabet for us which Andrew used to create the official ABRACADANG font. Dang drew all the dreamy psychedelic illustrations you see throughout the can and Andrew combined all the magick elements together.

Is CBD-infused coffee the future?

CBD coffee is now…THC coffee is the future.

Where is it available?

We just recently made it available via our website. Get it offline y’all. We distribute throughout Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island currently and are looking to expand into all of New England and the world, and beyond the world, we’re looking at you outer space.

How much is it?

You can cop a can for $8 or a 4 pack for $28. Cheap coffee ain’t good and good coffee ain’t cheap.


Company: Abracadabra Coffee
Location: Vermont
Country: USA
Designer: Dang Olsen & Andrew Plotsky
Release Date: 2018

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