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We have had a pretty major earthquake in Christchurch 12 days ago. Long and short is it has wiped out our central city and along with that, lots of cafes and a few roasteries. We have had some good help for the government, but heaps of people still need a bit more to help get through this trying time as they face the prospect of no jobs or rebuilding their cafes.

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I have been really lucky at Crafted, we have survived well, so want to try and help some of our coffee friends who are having a terrible time of it.

With the help of Steve Leighton, Lawrence Brown and Mark Prince we have started Christchurch Cafe. Its nothing fancy at the moment, there will be lots more to come, but we just wanted it started asap.

If you were able to help us spread the word a little we would be eternally grateful.

Carl Sara

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