You read the headline correctly. Chocolate dipped glazed donut coffee ice cream sandwiches (CDGDCICS) are totes real, and they look completely ridiculously #deloshes. Here’s more from TasteSpotting, to whom we must give 100% full credit for this shameless and blatant reblog:

It is best to assemble these doughnut sandwiches, dip them in chocolate, and eat them right away while the ice cream is frozen, the doughnuts are fresh, and chocolate is still a little melty.

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You could make them in advance, chocolate and all, then freeze them to eat later (we did for a few too many), but the chocolate gets really hard (as do the doughnuts) and actually, we recommend that you NOT freeze-for-later at all. So never mind. Just make them and eat them.


for each sandwich, you will need:
1 doughnut, any kind you like
1 generous scoop of coffee ice cream (we used Dreyer’s/Edy’s Slow Churned Coffee!)
melted chocolate (we poured a bag of chocolate chips into a small heavy-bottomed saucepan and melted it over extremely low heat)


The full recipe is available over at TasteSpotting, which is also where we nicked all these amazing CDGDCICS photos from. There’s not a lot more to add, aside from a heartfelt “ermahgerd” and this photo of Drooling Cat.


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