Have you ever seen a coffee pod… on weeeeeeeed? Well, that’s pretty much the premise of a new device called the CannaCloud Vaporizer System. Made by CannaKorp (Canna you make your company sound any more like the product of a single dorm room bong sesh?), the CannaCloud a single-use pod device – a la a Keurig – but for that sticky icky.

As reported by the Treehugger (y’all, I know), CannaCloud inventor Michael Bourque believes a mainstream audience of medical marijuana users is going underserved, one that is looking for convenience and consistency of dosage, and he is hoping to tap into that market with this new age devil’s lettuce. Their latest internet commercial depicts CannaCloud’s target audience, which appears to be stay-at-home moms that sip on imaginary juice. Or as the Verge describes the commercial:

advert but first coffee cookbook now available


Look at the chill mom. Look how reassuringly affluent she is and how many shades of cream there are in her house.

For what it’s worth, CannaCloud is conscious of the environmental effects of single-use pods (or at least of the recent outrage over them) and have made their jammers out of aluminum instead of plastic. Which is great, but back in my day before all these fancy weed dongles were invented, the only waste we had was the roach, and normally one of the sketchier kids would always just eat that. So, I mean, recyclable aluminum is cool and all, but it can hardly compete with Chad from down the street.

The CannaCloud is set to release some time next year and will retail for $150, with each pod costing somewhere between $5 and $6 for a .25 to .4 gram serving of ground cannabis flower. So until then, maybe just smoke a j with a friend. Things don’t always have to be complicated.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network.

*top image via CannaKorp

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