World Aeropress Championships Sprudge

Activities are amping up all around the world as part of the 2015 World AeroPress Championship cycle. What is this circuit of mysterious parties, you ask? The WACs are grassroots global coffee competitions themed around a single brewing method with a thousand variations—the humble, beguiling, endlessly rethink-able Aerobie AeroPress. These brew-offs pit contestants from near and far against one another in a series of wild, wacky national championships, leading up to an unforgettable annual world championship event. You can read all about the fun from years past in our extensive AeroArchives.


We’ve been covering the WAC and its national lead-ups since its maiden voyage, and this year we’ve got two very special wrinkles to introduce. The first? We’re proud to announce that Sprudge is the World AeroPress Championship’s first-ever official media partner. What does this mean? It means even more AeroPress coverage on Sprudge and SprudgeLive, taking you inside national competitions all around the world leading up to the global event in Seattle this April. We’re honored to be partnered with the WACs and Aerobie!

Japanese Aeropress Championships Sprudge

Second: our American readers may have been wondering: “Gee whiz, we keep seeing all these far-flung AeroPress competition posters, but what about ‘Murica?” Well… the WAC organizers are hoping the event takes a huge leap forward this year in the United States. To encourage this, they’ve opened US rights to host the WAC up to a wide open public entry system! This means that you, dear reader, could conceivably host the US AeroPress Championships at your cafe or roastery (or tech office or coworking space or dog-washing popup pavilion) if you submit the right kind of bid.

World Aeropress Championship

For more on the process, we turn to World AeroPress Championship poobah Tim Varney of Small Batch Roasting Company who writes in from Melbourne, Australia:

“It’s the first time we’ve opened the competition up for tender, and this is a chance for a growing business to be thrown into the limelight via the exposure this competition [offers]. It’s also an excuse for people to put on a party, an opportunity to collaborate with local suppliers, and develop the community around this event. Winning bids will receive organizational support from WAC headquarters, and the host will be able to design a poster, choose judges, and select the coffee for the competition, with approval from WAC HQ.

Our hope is that top competitors from regional US competitions will attend a truly national US Championship event. Expect plenty of noise from Sprudge (as media partner), WAC online and others. Aerobie will also be super supportive, and are excited for a great event (perhaps even AeroPress inventor Alan Adler himself can attend).

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Oh I bet they’re taking cash bids for this, right? Event goes to the highest bidder, isn’t that how this works?” That is a very American thing of you to think! In fact they are *not* taking cash bids; the winning bid for the US AeroPress Championship will be selected on a variety of factors, including the ability to put on a good party. You can learn much more about the bidding process here via the always excellent World AeroPress Championship online experience.

So bid, why don’tcha! We’ll make a big fuss out of it on Sprudge and you’ll see your name in lights. What’s not to like?