Rising start-up Bunafr Coffee Company launched their new patent-pending Home Coffee Roaster on October 12th, unlocking the most customizable at-home green coffee bean roasting experience available on the market today.

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Bunafr’s Roaster unlocks a new avenue for coffee lovers to discover nuances in flavor never before available at an individual level, all through customized, small batch roasting in your own kitchen. Unlike other available roasters on the market, the appliance’s design and technology are smokeless and environment agnostic, shielding the entire roasting process inside of a contained ecosystem. That means outside elements won’t affect your coffee, so you can use it in whatever room or outdoor space you’d like with ease.

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The Roaster’s unique, patent-pending agitator and multi-modal heat transfer technology control the consistency of roasted beans with greater specificity than ever before. And whether you need a small batch for your day or a big batch for your week, Bunafr delivers an elevated, worry-free experience whichever way you choose to enjoy your coffee—espresso, pour-over, french press, moka pot, even refillable pods.

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“Our green mission starts with green beans,” stated Bunafr Founder and CEO Anjani Annumalla, “and the introduction of the Bunafr Green Coffee Bean Roaster gives individual coffee lovers the chance to experience the perfect cup of whatever they want, in that moment. Now, our customers can make even better use of our Bunafr Green Bean Marketplace with our fully-digitally-integrated Roaster, able to track and capture personal preferences with every use.”

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The Roaster is the featured product in the company’s new Indiegogo campaign, which gives anyone the unique opportunity to not only purchase the Roaster at a reduced entry price of $699 with reservation (marked down from an anticipated MSRP of $899), but also includes a year’s worth of green coffee beans for free via the Bunafr Marketplace.

Additionally, the Roaster boasts more than a dozen sensors that track the course of the roasting process, from initially adding fresh green coffee beans to the hopper through pulling out a jar of your favorite finished roast. Customers can select from five preset roast levels, or use their proprietary Real-time Roasting™ technology, which allows for heightened customization over the course of the desired roast.

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Bunafr offers exclusive opportunities to purchase fresh green coffee beans through the Bunafr Marketplace. Cofounder and Chief Coffee Officer Jeff Babcock brings over 40 years of experience to secure quality products from quality partnerships. Jeff has spent decades developing partnerships with farms around the world, working with environmentally conscious farmers to ensure high-quality products, improving their equity in their product and overall quality of living.

Bunafr also distinguished itself in the coffee category by their environmentally-conscious practices and drive to ensure sustainability. Instead of 150 billion kg of carbon pumped into the atmosphere every year by traditional, antiquated supply chain processes that average 21 touch points between cultivator and consumer, Bunafr aims to deliver the least-impactful product of any coffee distribution channel available in the market. This ensures not only the freshest green beans for the consumer, but the shortest path from farm to first sip, reducing waste across every step and stage of their supply chain.

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“Our promise to our customers is built on delivering the freshest and personalized green coffee beans through environmentally conscious practices in partnership with outstanding farmers. That means we’re aiming to change the way coffee is considered across all stages, from cultivation through consumption,” Anjani explained. “Bunafr delivers offerings across five core pillars of operation to make coffee more enjoyable and more eco-friendly: our green coffee beans ready to roast in your own home; our proprietary Roaster that unlocks the exact type of coffee you want in that moment; our digitally-integrated Marketplace and corresponding App to discover new flavors and reorder favorites; our equity-improving partnerships with farmers around the globe to help lift them above the poverty line; and our continued dedication to evolving how the coffee supply chain operates. Bunafr understands that all five pillars actively guide us to deliver a more personal, environmentally-conscious cup of coffee, and our green mission starts with green beans.”

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