Oof, marrone! When the Brooklyn specialty coffee mainstay Oslo Coffee burned down last month, folks across the industry were devastated. Oslo Coffee Roasters have been around since 2003, and like any specialty coffee company with a decade in business, they’ve got former staff members and friends working in all different aspects of specialty coffee around the country. Lots of people love and respect this business, and so we’re happy to report on a chance for to get involved and help out the recovery of Oslo’s Bedford location.

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The folks at Blue Bottle Coffee Roasters have stepped up in a big way, by hosting a benefit event on Friday, February 22nd at Blue Bottle’s Berry St. coffee bar (160 Berry, in Williamsburg). The event kicks off at 7:30pm. Here’s more info from Blue Bottle:

Why host a benefit? Shortly after noon on Jan. 9, a fire ripped through Oslo’s Bedford Ave. coffee bar, destroying equipment and severely gutting the space. Though no one was injured, the blaze dealt a significant blow to Oslo’s community of employees.

The world of specialty coffee is a small and tight-knit one. We like to share knowledge, tips, stories, and (of course) coffee. Friendships tend to extend beyond storefronts. Because of this, Oslo’s tragedy reverberated throughout our entire community.

On the night of the competition, baristas from more than a dozen coffee companies across New York City will face off against each other. We look forward to seeing you in Brooklyn!

So New York coffee types, get through this upcoming week of NERBC madness, then go get something done for a good cause at Blue Bottle Billyburg. We’ll be there and we hope to see you there too! It’s a $10 donation to get in, and there’s some pretty sweet prizes at stake for the winners.
Oslo Invite
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