Not ready to take the big step and get a permanent chest piece just yet? Never fear! The brilliant minds at Tattly – a “designy temporary tattoo” house have some cute, quirky, and totally temporary tattoos for the contemporary barista.

We’ve compiled five of our favorites – including a brand new one we’ve spotted Four Barrel Coffee assistant manager and sugar bear Alex Powar sporting on Instagram. The first four are available in a multi-tat-pack (you get two sheets for five bucks!) The last one is available on its own (it’s a very large piece). Let’s check them out!


5. Americano in a cappuccino cup.


advert new rules of coffee now available


4. Four-tiered tulip.


3. Mug of drip.


2. Take it to go!



Coffee. Designed by Julia Rothman – Brooklyn, New York. This charming set of four temporary tattoos are a perfect compliment to an already inked up arm, or great on their own! Use them as a reference when asking someone if they want it “for here” or “to go”! ($5 for two)


1. Oh, delicious coffee. Designed by Mike Lowery – Atlanta, Georgia. This totally adorkable tat has a coffee mug with an almost pensive look about it. With lovely lettering and the positively sweet “oh coffee, how i love thee” sentiment, this is perfect for just about anyone in coffee. ($5 for two)


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