Tim Varney recently tweeted:We were intrigued to say the least, so we contacted Tim Varney in Oslo and asked him to share his recipe for Cold Ndumberi. We’re delighted to reprint it here for you, exclusively on Sprudge.com. The method may seem a bit unorthodox to anyone with a simple, non-Scandinavian palate, so we’ve included a helpful pictorial along with each step, starring Scott Guglielmino (La Marzocco USA) and Ben Helfen (Counter Culture Coffee, Atlanta).

For starters, you’ll need:

70g of Tim Wendelboe Kenya Ndumberi “or similar lightly roasted Kenyan coffee”.

40g white sugar

1000g filtered water off boil

You will also need:

1.5 Litre Bodum french press pot (minus the plunger)

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BUNN filter holder with 1 paper filter (really, any filter basket capable of holding 70g of coffee)

Scales, spoon, and timer.

Large bottle and plenty of ice.

(Editors note: Obviously you will be rinsing your filter, pre-heating your implements, calling your mother on her birthday, etc.)

First you take 70g of the Wendelbeans…

Then set your filter contraption on the press pot vessel, and tare the scale. For 40 seconds using 250g of water, you gently make a Wendelbloom…

Add the rest of the water, and allow ample time for your coffee to Wendelbrew.

Next, add 40g of white sugar directly into the brew. This might seem a bit Wendelstrange, but it makes life more Wendelsweet.

Go ahead and give the sugar a Wendelstir.

Now transfer to a fridge-safe bottle, and strike your manliest Wendelpose!

After 20 minutes in the fridge, give your coffee a nice ice bath, reducing the temp to around 60 degrees. Insert Wendelpun here.

Messrs. Michelman, Guglielmino and Helfen

Serve in an chilled glass – they use wine glasses in Oslo, but we had martini glasses on hand in Atlanta – and offer up a Wendelcheers to good coffee times.

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