At this point I’ve made my opinions on molecular coffee as clear as Crystal Pepsi, there’s no need to rehash it. I don’t need to get on blood pressure medication just because Patagonia vest tech bro is trying to destroy coffee. But it is nonetheless news, and as a coffee newsman, I am compelled to report on it. And so here we are, with another “beanless coffee” brand receiving a fresh influx of investment capital to disrupt or innovate or whatever the coffee industry.

As reported by LatamList, the latest not-coffee brand to gain new backing is Minus, the San Francisco-based company formerly known as Compound Foods. The makers of beanless coffee have received a new round of funding from the Mexico City venture capital firm Amplifica Capital. The exact amount has not been stated, but Techloy reported back in January that the female-focused VC firm expected to seed new projects with funds ranging between $100,000 and $500,000. Crunchbase shows Amplifica was part of a $1.3 million investment at the end of last month.

advert but first coffee cookbook now available


This new round of funding will add to the already $4.5 million Minus nee Compound Foods raised back in September of 2021.

Their RTD beanless coffee has all the hallmarks of prior molecular coffee offerings. Their product is made of a “blend of recycled ingredients, such as roots, seeds and legumes, which are brewed in batch fermentation and caffeinated to mimic the taste of coffee.” (I wonder where that caffeine comes from.) And there’s the obligatory sustainability claims, that their product has a “significantly reduced carbon footprint and lower water consumption than traditional coffee production.” They’re just trying to “help unf**k the planet” you see. They’re the good guys!

It’s fine, everything’s fine. We’re getting rid of all this bath water and all it cost us was a single baby. What a steal!

Okay, I feel my blood pressure getting up again, so this is where I bow out. You can read more about Minus and their latest found of fundraising here.

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