Bay Area Starbucks Has Bed Bugs – Find Out W...

Bay Area Starbucks Has Bed Bugs – Find Out Where!


Take back my Mocha Frappuccino! I don’t want any of it! Blegh! Blurgh! Glegh! Two customers at a Bay Area Starbucks found bed bugs crawling all over their personal belongings after sitting at a table, trying to enjoy their white chocolate mochas. NBC Bay Area has more:

For two South Bay women, however, the trip to a Campbell Starbucks left them with unwanted “visitors.” They asked to have their identities protected because they work for a public agency. “When we got up to leave, my friend saw a bed bug crawling across her purse. It had been sitting on the table,” explained the first woman.

“We let one of the employees know, who said, ‘Well you can just tell a manager,’ but he didn’t seem too concerned.”

Yikes! Didn’t seem to concerned? The second woman added, “He was very nonchalant.” NBC asked Starbucks for comment. Here’s what happened:

A Starbucks spokesman responded with a statement to NBC Bay Area. He said the company called pest control after the first report of bed bugs, but found no health nor safety risks. He said the company called the same pest control company after the two women reported the problem to county officials.

According to a copy of the second pest control report given to NBC Bay Area by Santa Clara County, the pest company found a total of 10 bed bugs. Starbucks then removed the soft sofa-type seating and Kalson said the county cleared the Starbucks location of bed bugs. The Starbucks statement concluded with, “We are confident that all concerns related to this location have been resolved.”

Thanks a latte, Starbucks.




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